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South Africa woos Indian tourists

Kolkata, Sept 7 (IBNS): South Africa is hard selling its destinations to Indian tourists who are in their festive moods and waiting to spend leisure in exotic holidays abroad.

After the road shows in cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad and New Delhi, South African Tourism commenced their second road show in Kolkata on Thursday.

The road show was announced at a city hotel by Hanneli Slabber, who represented South Africa as the Country Manager of South African Tourism.

According to Slabber India proved to be a very important market place for the world.

The commencement of these road shows will help South Africa to popularise holiday experiences, with corporate interests, she said.

Slabber said the road shows will help bring out some new grounds of travelling which could satisfy the needs of the potential tourists with good quality of products, suppliers and trusts.

She told reporters that this year South Africa will be expecting more than one lakh tourists the country.

As per the latest statistics in May, 2012 the rate of visiting South Africa by Indians has reached 22.3% , which indicates a big leap and most of the visitors are from Delhi.

The country manager of South Africa was also very hopeful that the diplomatic relation between the two countries can be in a better position.

Presently there are no direct airways in between South Africa and India. So some future proposals also are in the talks in regard to benefit the tourists.

Slabber said South Africa is spreading out Indians their delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian food items in some 300 restaurants.

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